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Bring Your Brilliance & Step Into Leadership

6 courses

This collection is all about facing your fear of failure and examining the perfectionism that halts your progress. It’s time to bring your brilliance and step into leadership.


75 Sabrina Cohen Hatten 2

Navigating Impactful Decision Making

Join British firefighter, psychologist and writer, Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton, as she shares what she’s learnt over her 20-year firefighting career about making decisions, and why it can be applied to all walks of life. From her earlier years struggling with homelessness to building a formidable career, Sabrina shares how resilience, understanding risk, accepting failures and - most importantly – acting with empathy, make her the powerhouse leader she is today.

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76 Grace Ong2 (1)

Becoming a First Time Manager

Are you ready to step forward and own your position as a first-time manager? This course is about how to step forward in that role with success! Grace will be guiding you through exploring the following: How to establish your presence and grow your gravitas; How to communicate and project yourself well; How to build relationships with stakeholders as well as sponsors; as well as how to be a role model as a leader. This short course is about cultivating inner courage as you transition into being a new face of the company.

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71 Chana Ewing2

Becoming a Culture-First Leader

Chana Ginelle Ewing is the founder and CEO of Geenie, a curated beauty marketplace that enables consumers to discover, shop and share brands that they believe in. During this course, Chana will teach you the fundamentals of building a culture-first business, and why inclusivity and intersectionality are key. From learning the core principles to exploring your values as a leader, leave this course with the tools you’ll need to consider your team members individual needs, and push for a better working environment for all.

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Sarah Wood Academy Lesson Images2

Being A Great Leader As A Manager

Whether it’s your own company, or not, a manager needs to also be a great leader – someone to have vision and direction, and for their direct reports to trust and believe in them. Sarah Wood, Co-founder of Unruly the global video advertising marketplace acquired by News Corp in 2015, shares her experiences of starting her own team and what she has learned as both a manager and leader, and gives us food for thought on what we can take into our own every day roles.

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23 Alison Rose Academy ShortCourses2

How To Lead With Purpose

CEO of the NatWest Group, Alison Rose, took on the top job a few months before lockdown. But she'd also weathered scary times before and had determined her purpose en route. Her values play a key part in her leadership style and the way she wants to lead the bank.

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55 Cecilia Weckstrom2

How To Be An Inclusive Leader

Cecilia Weckstrom joins us to discuss what it really means to be an inclusive leader. With advice on how to push inclusivity internally, we explore the key benefits that can be felt when teams work together and champion their differences. Importantly, Cecilia shares her tips on creating a workplace that uses diversity to push forward with positive progress, and how you can do the same.

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