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Academy Collections Accelerator Week 4

Cultivate Clear Communication

6 courses

This collection is about being better equipped to deal with your life. Building your resilience will help you become a better communicator and give you the tools you need to thrive during challenging situations.


78 Skyla Grayce2

Exploring Conflict Resolution At Work

This course is all about how we can resolve conflict at work. How we can turn it into a healthy experience, where we can unlock our deepest potential, energy, and innovation in the workplace. As a topic that is challenging for most all of us, Skyla shares with you how conflict shows up at work; the skills you need to learn to change your relationship to conflict to allow resolution to be the result; how communication is key to dealing with conflict in a healthy way; and, learning how to lean into the discomfort and to take responsibility for how we respond to it arising so that we may grow and learn.

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Academy ShortCourses CourseTitles No7 4 (2) (1)

Resilience, How To Have Tough Conversations

Nicola will be sharing with you her expert tips and tools for becoming resilient and finding your voice during times of change. This course is about being better equipped to deal with your life as it is now! And building resiliency means that you will become a better communicator to have those more difficult conversations during challenging situations.

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79 Rosi Fernandez2

Communicating Authentically And Effectively

Rosi is the Managing Director of La Praire Australia and New Zealand. She finished university and not knowing what she wanted to do next, started working up the ranks at David Jones, looking after the beauty department and managing over 100 women in their biggest store. As her career progressed, she moved into Sales and Marketing for La Praire, doing everything from packing to copywriting, training and PR. Eventually, after a few disappointments, she became the Managing Director. Rosi describes herself as ‘natural introvert’ and she talks to us about how communication with your colleagues is just as important as hard work for your career progression.

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06 Managing Well Karen BlackettAcademy ShortCourses2

How To Nail Difficult Conversations as a Manager

Throughout her career, Karen has had to have many difficult conversations with her employees and direct line reports on everything from lack of performance to generally not seeing eye to eye. Here she shares her top tips for getting the most out of those often difficult conversations and moving forward from them to create a positive work environment.

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25 Jennifer Justice Academy ShortCourses2

You Deserve It: How To Get Recognition, Respect And More Money

Savvy New Yorker Jennifer Justice is on a mission to get businesswomen the same deals as men. Until we start thinking like them, we won't achieve our (well overdue) equality. Find out what's she's learned while rubbing shoulders with some serious players.

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32 Sinead Burke2

Finding Your Voice And Making Sure It Has The Impact You Want/Need

Here, Sinead discusses the importance of communication and how to embrace your individual voice. She shares her own experience and challenges in crafting her own style and how these experiences helped her to become the person she is today.

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