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No7 x AllBright SHEcovery Course Collection

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The No7 x AllBright ‘Unstoppable Together’ 7-course toolkit exists to address the imbalanced impact of the global pandemic on women, everywhere and empower women to reclaim their ambition and refocus their intentions.


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Maximise Your Financial Potential

Within this course, Krystle will take you through the steps to feel financially free. If you always find that at the end of the month, you’re paying out almost all of what you have received in; you desire to know how to clear your debt, and build savings; or how to change your financial habits, and much, much more, then let Krystle take you on a journey to improve your financial situation. Get ready to change your money mindset! Want to learn more from Krystle Mcgilvery? Head to her [website](https://www.krystlemcgilvery.com) for inspiring conversations with this neurofinance specialist.

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Job Applications 101 with Arit Eminue

Arit Eminue is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, career development and leadership coach. She helps businesses in the entertainment sector to recruit and retain talent and empowers individuals to build careers they will enjoy.  Arit achieves this through DiVA, an award-winning recruitment and training organisation specialising in creative, business, and digital apprenticeships. Founded 10 years ago, her clients include some of the world's well-known entertainment media brands including, All3 Media, Sony Music, the BBC, Warner Music, Endemol Shine UK, Warner Bros, the Southbank Centre, UK Music. She also developed, in partnership with the BPI/BRIT Trust, the BRITs Apprenticeship scheme, funded by proceeds of BRIT Music Awards, which supports the next generation of music executives.  

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Unstoppable Together

You are only as strong as the women you keep around you. So who is on your team? No woman is an island, we need our sisterhood to succeed. Step forward with confidence into the career you want, with the women you need standing beside you cheering you on. Networking is a positive thing that can serve to supercharge your career. So don’t be scared. We need each other. That’s when magic happens and new opportunities can come your way.

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Resilience, How To Have Tough Conversations

Nicola will be sharing with you her expert tips and tools for becoming resilient and finding your voice during times of change. This course is about being better equipped to deal with your life as it is now! And building resiliency means that you will become a better communicator to have those more difficult conversations during challenging situations.

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The Confidence Toolkit

Meet Your Course Expert, Chloe Brotheridge, as she discusses how to build your confidence toolkit.

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Interview Masterclass

Sagina is on a mission to empower ambitious women to have the career they desire. “Too many people I meet are unhappy at work, feel stuck or hate their jobs. I coach my clients to be brave, take action and create change.” Ready to land your dream job? Let Sagina prep you ready for your interviews.

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You Can Do Hard Things

Meet Your Course Expert, Sophie Sabbage, as she discusses how, and why, you can do hard things.

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