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Course Overview

Going Solo

Duration: 5 Modules

This course is for women who want to work, thrive and flourish in a flexible structure that is self-created. Created specifically for early-stage or aspiring female freelancers and consultants, you will work through lessons and insights from successful freelancers across a range of industries.

The ‘For Freelancers & Consultants’ course includes guidance on everything from deciding whether freelancing is for you, to taking the first few steps on your own, including building a marketing strategy and pitching to clients, as well as advice on building and managing your reputation and crucially, managing your time.

Learn from freelancers including Annie Ridout, Author, The Freelance Mum, Anna Codrea-Rado, Freelance Journalist, Anita Bhagwandas, Freelance Consultant, Journalist and Beauty Expert, Journalist Bridget Arsenault and Freelance Photographer and Art Director Krystal Neuvill to name just a few.

We welcome applications from aspiring or early-stage freelancers at all ages, and stages of their journey.

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