At AllBright, we believe that we need the support and voices of both men and women to change the conversation around women and their careers.
Award-winning Lawyer

We wanted to award a notable ally who uses his influence and position to bolster women and level the playing field, and we thought Ryan was one of the most deserving men out there in 2020. Throughout 2018-2019 he worked tirelessly pro bono to help Gina Martin make upskirting illegal. The campaign they created is now widely regarded as a “game changer”. In Parliament, Government Minister Lucy Frazer called the campaign “incredible”. She also noted that the law change was squarely because of Gina and Ryan’s efforts.   He is the perfect male ally and he was the perfect choice for this award.

Gina Martin who presented the award to Ryan comments:

Ryan is an extraordinary male ally. He walks towards difficult issues instead of walking away because they don’t affect him, he amplifies your voice instead of speaking over it, he teaches rather than mansplains. He also helps for the right reasons. Despite being the architect of our legal and political strategy, and working tirelessly with me for months, Ryan refused all media and insisted “this is your victory, Gina”. I don’t know anyone else who would have done that.”