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Professor of Affective and Behavioural Computing & Research Director of Samsung AI Centre

Maja became the Research Director of Samsung AI Research Centre in Cambridge in 2018. She is one of the world’s leading experts in the research on machine understanding of human behaviour including vision-based detection, tracking, and analysis of human behavioural cues.


Founder of Beauty Pie

Marcia is the founder of Bliss Spa, Soaper Duper and Beauty Pie. In 1991 she founded her first company, Bliss Spa, and eight years later LVMH bought a majority stake for $30 million. In 2006 she launched Soap and Glory, which reportedly sold for $50 million to Boots. In 2016, Kilgore launched ecofriendly bath and beauty company Soaper Duper in the U.K., and debuted Beauty Pie.
Founder of Elvie

Since Tania founded Elvie in 2013, the company has launched two products; Elvie Trainer and Elvie Pump, which have been game-changers in their categories and continue to transform the lives of women. Elvie aims to break taboos and encourage conversations around stigmatised issues in women’s health. Tania was in the top ten of Business Insider’s UK Tech 100 2019.