The expert raising the bar in endorsing the importance of physical
and emotional health.


Presenter and Mental Health Campaigner

Fearne is a seasoned T.V. and radio presenter, a career that has established her as a household name. She has since branched out into the wellness sphere, with the release of three cookbooks promoting health and plant-based eating. In addition, she is an avid mental health advocate and talks openly about her eating disorder.
Vegan Chef

Rachel is a vegan blogger and content creator. She shares everything she creates and finds, from recipes to vegan skincare, with warmth and humour – welcoming everyone, whatever their food beliefs, to give the vegan life a go.
Spice Girl and Mental Health Advocate

Melanie Chisholm, or Mel C, is best known for her Spice Girls years. More recently, she has been a keen advocate for mental health and wellbeing and is involved in a number of charity initiatives including Comic Relief. She has bravely shared her struggles with eating disorder and mental health issues.