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How To Pivot Your Career With Purpose

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10 How to Pivot Your Career with Purpose Sue Belton Academy ShortCourses2

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How To Pivot Your Career With Purpose

Emotions such as a sense of dissatisfaction, anger and not knowing your purpose can all indicate that a career pivot is for you. From Sue's experience, those who benefit from a career pivot usually experience restlessness in their career for a couple of years prior to making the career change.

Sue emphasises the different types of pivoting. There is no one-size-fits-all. For some, a drastic pivot to a new career is the way forward, whilst for others a slight pivot is suffice. Pivots can simply apply to your career while others implement it across their lives. To best succeed when pivoting, you should consider your skillset and look at the transferable skills you have at your disposal.

Is A Career Pivot For Me?


What Triggers A Career Pivot


Dare To Dream


Pivoting Towards Your Values


Making A Plan That Lasts