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How Twice As Good Is Empowering Networking Opportunities For Black Women

As Twice As Good powered by AllBright launches online, we hear from creator Christina Okorocha about the need for more networking opportunities for black women.

Whether you love it or loathe it, there’s no denying the importance of networking for our careers. Not only does it open us up to new contacts, ideas and skills, it’s also crucial for finding new job opportunities – in fact, 50-80% of job roles are thought to be filled through networking.

While the pandemic and subsequent global lockdowns have put a temporary halt on the traditional concept of face-to-face networking, we’ve had to find new ways of connecting with new contacts online. Enter Twice As Good powered by AllBright – an innovative new women’s network for black professionals, entrepreneurs and creative career-driven women looking to encourage each other in both career and personal growth. With the aim of providing support and upskilling opportunities for ambitious black women, including workshops, events and an exclusive space to connect online, Twice As Good is a welcome tonic to the isolation of the pandemic.

“'You have to be twice as good’ is a common phrase said to black women when studying and pursuing career growth because the playing field isn’t equal,” says Christina Okorocha, the creator of Twice As Good and co-founder of VAMP, a digital talent and entertainment PR agency focused on helping brands to maximise their reach by authentically diversifying their content and approach.

“We need more spaces to authentically be ourselves without the pressures of society, and there needs to be more access to resources to aid career growth and development which should, in turn, make the journey that little bit easier.” Here, Christina tells us more about Twice As Good, VAMP and the need for more inclusive networking opportunities.

Why did you co-found VAMP and what have been some of the highlights for you since launching the company?

I founded VAMP with Rumbi and Ruby because we felt there was a diversity issue in the advertising/media industry. Black content creators weren't given the same opportunities and we wanted to support in changing that. We became the first agency to solely focus on the representation and development of black digital talent in the UK, a group that can easily be regarded as pioneers of the industry.

Following on from this, why are you launching Twice As Good (TAG)?

During the four years of VAMP we have been passionate about championing black women and I personally have so many friends who are killing it in their respective fields. I think young black women lack spaces to connect with each other and be their authentic selves. TAG provides a space to do this and with the help of AllBright, all women in the TAG network will gain access to courses, workshops and a private group to virtually network with each other – especially important during lockdown.

"Ethnic minorities have to send 60% more job applications to get a positive response. Black women have to network and rely on the advice from peers to progress, and I hope TAG will support in proving a space to do this"

Why is networking so important?

Networking is crucial to career and personal growth because meeting people outside of your immediate circle can expose you to new opportunities and knowledge. During the pandemic, it has been significantly harder to network as you're not naturally meeting people by attending events, or meeting new people in the workplace. I believe the absence of networking during the pandemic will impact career progression, especially for black women, because ethnic minorities have to send 60% more job applications to get a positive response. Black women have to network and rely on the advice from peers to progress, and I hope TAG will support in proving a space to do this.

What do you hope to achieve with TAG?

The aim of the network is to upskill and support ambitious black women by providing workshops, events and a space to connect, learn and support career progression. With the support of AllBright, we are off to a great start! I am looking forward to working with AllBright to address that challenges that black women face professionally and personally. Three TAG members will host three short courses related to finance, negotiation and career development, all of which will be available on the AllBright Digital platform this month!

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