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Adamantia Velonis

Founder, Marmalade + Kindness

I hope to inspire others to see cooking as an opportunity for self-development, not just another chore at the end of an already busy day.

Introducing Me

Self-confessed homebody with a love of books and cooking

A fact about you

I've never learnt how to drive, swim or ride a bike. (Crazy, I know!) 

Tell us a little about what you do / what is your passion?

I am the founder, editor and culinary writer behind Marmalade + Kindness, an online mindful cooking platform that encourages people to explore mindfulness and creativity through home cooking. I worked as a lawyer in Australia and am currently in management consulting. For me, cooking is an outlet from my corporate career, giving me an opportunity to experiment, fail, create and reconnect to my roots. I hope to inspire others to see cooking as an opportunity for self-development, not just another chore at the end of an already busy day.

What’s your main goal right now?

To make sure I'm making time for myself and my loved ones. Launching HARVEST has filled me with so much excitement (the kind of energy that leaves you buzzing and you can't sleep because ideas keep coming to you...) So, making sure I'm doing one thing for myself everyday to pause and recharge. From a business perspective, meeting our sales targets and building a strong partnership and distribution strategy. Because we are a digital magazine, we are working extra hard to get our physical footprint right by partnering with food stores, health and wellness brands and hotels. (Please DM if you'd like to know more!)

What is the best advice you've ever received?

Always act out of love.

Share your Sisterhood Six.

1. My partner - his love inspires me to a better person every day

2. Coffee - single shot, oat flat white from my favourite baristas 

3. Blooming Blends 'Be Happy' Tincture - my secret weapon on days when I need the boost 

4. My notebook - I always spend five minutes a day journaling - writing clears my head 

5. Organic fruit and veg - because I believe health starts in the soil and because I get my best recipe ideas when I'm working with seasonal ingredients

6. Books - New ideas fuel my creativity and love for learning, I'm never without something to read!

What you’d like from the AllBright Sisterhood?

The AllBright Sisterhood has already given me so much.  I have met so many new friends during lockdown through this community. So, I guess, I'd like to continue doing that -- making new friends and doing whatever I can to help them be successful.  

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