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Anna Sheffield

Founder, Creative Director & Lead Designer, US

There’s no other way to be but in support of other women. We empower each other.

Why do you support other women? 

There’s no other way to be but in support of other women. We empower each other! Both of my companies are women-led, and therefore everything from the design to our partnerships, to tone-of-voice and our values is steeped in this sense of the female as a collective community.

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever been given?

The advice I most often reference –as well as dole out– is about intuition. Always follow those gut feelings. They are real and invaluable guidance from your highest self, and I think intuition is especially keen for women in business. 

What advice would you give your younger self?

Anything is possible; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

What’s your feel good song?

Wow, that’s hard. It very much depends on the kind of good mood I’m trying to be in. Hallelujah (by Leonard Cohen but sung by anyone) reminds me of the magic in everything. I am also happy to hear songs from my coming of age (X, The Cure or The Cramps.. something in that vein).

What is the quality you most like in a woman? 

Grace under pressure. Its the one I work hardest to embody myself, so I really really admire it in others. 

What is your motto? 

 Love is the law. It’s the reason I get out of bed, and to feel it, to witness it, and to know it is a force for change in this world is one of our greatest truths.

What is something you are most proud of?

I’m proud to be where I am now, at 45 years old. My mom always told me I could do anything, and the only way to show her gratitude for that incredible advice was to try and live it everyday. And I think I have– and I plan to continue to.

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