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Georgie Abay

Founder, The Grace Tales, AU

AllBright inspires me daily – there’s never a shortage of ways to engage with the platform and grow both personally and professionally.

Introducing Me

I left my dream job as the deputy editor and fashion features director of Australian VOGUE to become an entrepreneur and to launch a media company called The Grace Tales. I wanted to create a life that fulfilled me both professionally and personally. I’m a journalist, an editor, an author, but the biggest, best and hardest job of all is being a mum to two girls who are 6 and 8.

A fact about you

I’m rather impatient, but as I’ve learnt, a lack of patience can come in very handy when you’re an entrepreneur.

Tell us a little about what you do / what is your passion?

Storytelling has always been my passion, ever since I was little. Ultimately, it’s because through sharing stories, we connect and feel less alone, no matter what path we’ve gone down. I dreamt of a career in fashion magazines, and through hard work, persistence and not letting the word ‘no’ put me off – throughout our lives we will hear no far more than we hear yes – all my dreams eventually came true. I worked my way up to become the deputy editor of Australian VOGUE and travelled all over the world for my job from the South of France for Chanel shows to Korea for Prada exhibitions. I truly had the dream job. But I always think of life in chapters. I turned 30, fell pregnant, and another chapter began. I lost interest in fashion and wanted to tell stories that went deeper – stories that really connected my readers. I wanted to create a digital lifestyle platform which inspired mothers and so The Grace Tales was created and it’s now my full time focus. We have a website, a podcast, a book and run live events (when there’s not an evil virus taking over the world, that is).

What’s your main goal right now?

Supporting and inspiring my readers and to keep reminding them that they’re never alone, no matter what they’re going through. I think so many of us suffer from a lack of confidence and the belief that we’re not good enough. It holds so many of us back. I love the maxim that “done is better than perfect”. I want to inspire my readers to just get on with it, even if it’s not perfect, because life really is too short.

What is the best advice you've ever received?

My mother always taught me not to compare myself to others because there will always be someone who has more than you. She’s so right. As President Theodore Roosevelt once said: “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Share your Sisterhood Six

1. An oat milk cappuccino. To be really fussy, I have also order decaf. I went off caffeine a few years ago. I have one every morning.

2.  Exercise – I have a friend who I train with a few times a week and it’s often also like a therapy session where we work through stuff that has come up in the week – work, kids etc. I also love Pilates.

3.  Books - I love reading, and the busier life gets, the more my reading gets pushed down the priority list.

4. Horse riding – I’m not particularly good at it, but I love riding and spending time with horses. They’re the most beautiful animals. I love the focus they require – you can’t think of anything else when you’re with them, which is wonderful.

5. My family and friends – your relationships are so important in life. Covid has shown us how vital human connection is.

6. Travelling, which obviously I can’t do right now. I spent a lot of my late teens and 20s travelling – I hope my girls will do the same.

What you’d like from the AllBright Sisterhood?

The one thing we all need to thrive and succeed – human connection. How good does it feel when you really connect with someone? When you find someone likeminded and start throwing ideas around? AllBright inspires me daily – there’s never a shortage of ways to engage with the platform and grow both personally and professionally.

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