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Marissa Eisele

Founder, MCE

I have always had a passion for storytelling--bringing to life a brand's identity and purpose through unexpected events and partnerships.

Introducing Me I am Marissa Eisele, a born and raised Angeleno! 

A fact about you The friend you give your extra apartment key to

Tell us a little about what you do / what is your passion? I have always had a passion for storytelling--bringing to life a brand's identity and purpose through unexpected events and partnerships as well as exploring the intersection of talent and culture. I have been able to be a part of creating unique and monumental stories of brands and people while working at CAA, Vanity Fair, in-house at AllSaints and even stints at a PR and Creative Agency. My passion led me to opening up my own creative and marketing agency MCE. in 2019. 

What’s your main goal right now? To help my local community in the best way I can that seems the most authentic to myself, support my friends and family and stay positive.

What is the best advice you've ever received? Simple but the first thing that comes to mind is the word "Coraggio" in italian, as said to me by my 92 year old grandmother.  She survived WWII and when times get tough or she knows I need some encouragement she says this to me.  I use it as a personal mantra for myself now when I know I need some inner strength. 

Share your Sisterhood Six 1. Weekend Trips to the mountains- nothing grounds me faster than exploring the outdoors like the Eastern Sierras.  If I can't get out of town, a solo hike out in Topanga Canyon will do the trick, not only is it grounding but inspiring as well, I get a lot of my ideas when not looking at a screen and quiet in nature.  2. My childhood best friends group text- we laugh, we cry, we send memes.  Definitely something I am most grateful for when reflecting on my day.  3. Fcetimes with family- My mom, dad, brother and me are all very close, we have been keeping consistent on the facetimes and that is something I could definitely not live without. 4. Access to fresh, healthy and organic food.  I love to cook and am so thankful I can shop organic and locally.  It is crazy to think in a metropolitan city like LA we still have food deserts where people do not have access to the basic human right to nourishing food.  I admire and love the work of Olympia Auset who started SÜPRMARKT, a low cost organic produce resource out of South Central who has provided over 25,000 lbs of produce in South LA since 2016.  She is planning to open the first organic market in South Central in early 2021, to donate and learn more about her project click here.  5. 89.9- Working from home I have found myself leaving the radio on all day.  I love the local reporting and interviews on KCRW as well as the eclectic music I discover while listening.  6. Apps: Slack- love/ hate relationship :) but where I keep up with lots of my clients and share ideas quickly. Instagram- research and inspo and keep up with friends, The Class- their digital workouts have saved me this quarantine

What you’d like from the AllBright Sisterhood? Open forums to discuss not only how to support each other professionally but personally as well. It is such a crazy time it is important for everyone to know they are not alone and have a support group around them. 

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