HSBC’s Jennifer Ting on the rise of the female entrepreneur in Hong Kong

AllBright x HSBC Private Banking Pitch Days have attracted not only incredible female entrepreneurs to our sessions in London and L.A, but they have started robust conversations on the need to change the stats around how much of the funding goes to female founded start-ups.

This week we take Pitch Day to Hong Kong, not only home to HSBC, but also home to impressive female entrepreneurs like Peggy Choi of Lynk and Marissa Yiu of EskYiu. With 8% more female entrepreneurs that the global average, stay tuned to see who’s taking the podium to pitch this week.

Ahead of the Hong Kong Pitch Day, we caught up with Jennifer Ting, Global Head of Marketing for HSBC Private Banking to find out more about the female entrepreneur scene in Hong Kong, some of the incredible initiatives that HSBC have for entrepreneurs and why they are so passionate about helping enable female entrepreneurs in their partnership with AllBright.

My career journey to date
My family are all private bankers, so I have been immersed in the industry all my life – from posting my dad’s commission runs to posting trades at the age of 12, it’s not a surprise that I pursued a career in this field.

I started at Merrill Lynch 1995 and that role took me from California to Hong Kong. I then left Merrill in 2002 to open a small bar in Lan Kwai Fong – my stint as an entrepreneur! But the banking world drew me back in and I came back to a marketing role in 2003 with HSBC. I am now in my 6th year leading the Global and Asia Marketing teams for HSBC Private Banking.

Partnerships are key to creating alliances that serve a greater purpose
At HSBC Private Banking, we’ve been focused on supporting women entrepreneurs and business leaders for many years. However, we know that if we want to make an even bigger impact it’s really important to seek out the right partners who share the same values and passion. We’ve been working closely with AllBright on our Pitch Days in the UK and the US, so when we heard about their expansion to Asia, we were of course keen to take our partnership and joint mission into our core market.

We want to create a level playing field for women entrepreneurs
Pitch day is a great initiative to connect our clients with new opportunities, insights and ideas to help level the playing field for women entrepreneurs. I’m hoping to see these promising businesses get the funding they need to get to that next level. Through our partnership with AllBright, we’ve also been coaching and mentoring female entrepreneurs, sharing advice, guidance and expertise and facilitating opportunities through our global network.

Education is key to helping female entrepreneurs thrive
I feel that the more women share their insights and experiences, the more we all talk about our challenges and understand our successes, the more women we will see at the driving seat in the future. As one of the key financial institutions in the region, HSBC has a great responsibility in supporting entrepreneurs by connecting them to the right resources across our people, our platform and our products and services.

We aim to give women what they need to succeed
HSBC’s purpose is to enable businesses to thrive, economies to prosper, and ultimately to help people to fulfil their hopes and realise their ambitions. While we want to believe that everyone has an equal shot at success, there is a difference between “equal” and “fair”. Equal means that everyone gets the same regardless of need. Fair, however, means that everyone gets what they need. Through HSBC’s expertise and insights, we aim to give women what they need to succeed as entrepreneurs and beyond.

Sustainability is an exciting and important business trend
From a wealth of social enterprises launching to companies seeking to incorporate sustainability into their business plans, there is a clear and urgent need to make an impact, and walk the talk. To help support these businesses, HSBC has established The Centre of Sustainable Finance ( to share information across industries and challenges in transitioning to a low carbon future.

My kids are my inspiration
My two kids inspire me each and every day. They inspire me to learn, to grow, to live life to the fullest and to see how we can change the world to leave it in a better place for them.

Sisterhood, to me, is my source of unconditional support.
My sisterhood is lovingly supportive, but also brutally honest when they need to be. They celebrate your successes with you and also coach you through your challenges. I have a fantastic sisterhood (and brotherhood), known as “HK Fam”. I can’t thank them enough for always being there for me.