Anahita Pradhan – Founder and Creative Director at Couvélie

Introducing you to Anahita Pradhan who is divulging into the world of fashion, in particular corsetry. Find out how she is redesigning corsets for the modern woman, and how she intends to tackle the ‘dying skill’ of corsetry.

What do you do? 

I am a fashion designer, specifically a corset couturier and a design student at The Royal College of Art. My corset company is called Couvelie.

How did you realise this is what you wanted to do? 
I realised my creative potential wasn’t being fulfilled in my previous job as a business consultant, and I felt now was the time to do something I love, otherwise when would I? Everything at work was pushing me to fast fashion and tech innovation, and I really wanted to craft something that was really special and unique. I want to produce hand crafted goods that revive the dying skill of corsetry.

Why corsets?
I wanted to create something that made women feel comfortable in their own skin. I found there was a taboo around corsets. My corsets are classy, chic and tasteful. If you try them on at our showroom on Regent Street you’ll realise they’re so comfortable. I have dedicated myself to understanding the art of engineering the right corset for the modern woman.

Why did you join The AllBright? 
I think the AllBright is the perfect place for women to meet and support each other. As a woman who is starting out in the fashion industry, completely changing my career line with no contacts or no network, I felt the AllBright is a Club that nurtures talent.