Liv Little – Founder of GAL-DEM

Liv Little is the 24 year-old Founder of gal-dem, an online and print magazine run by women of colour, for everyone to enjoy.

What do you do? and how did you get into it?
I am the Editor-in-Chief of gal-dem, an online magazine, with an annual print written by women of colour. Whilst studying at Bristol University I decided that through media I could communicate issues that I felt were important. With gal-dem I am able to address the massive imbalance of representation, and more importantly what it means to be a woman of colour in all its forms.

You dabble in quite a few projects, from content writing to editing to modelling; what would your advice be for someone as young as you starting out?
Take your time and hone in on your craft! I spent a year training on Channel 4’s Trainee Scheme, and learnt that you really have to practice and give yourself enough time. In this industry so often things fail – you need a degree of resilience and persistence.

We know gal-dem have just launched their first investment round, so how has the investment journey?
It’s an interesting experience writing your business plan – I didn’t go to business school or have formal training. There are trials and errors but I’m optimistic and excited for gal-dem.

Could you give us three tips on how to launch an idea and make it into something as big/successful as gal-dem?
First do your research – it informs your opinion. Secondly find the right people – be diligent. Lastly, don’t be afraid to fail – give yourself more wiggle room!