REETA KUMAR- Aesthetic Nurse

 What do you do, and how did you get into it?
I am an Aesthetic Nurse, delivering non surgical treatments, including Botox, Dermal Fillers, Skin Peels & treatments for Acne & Pigmentation. I specialise in skin rejuvenation. I am a fully qualified Registered Nurse & Independent Nurse Prescriber. Having worked in the NHS for over 27 yrs, my shift into Aesthetics was an easy transition following a passion to help individuals feel good about themselves. It’s incredible to see the impact minimal procedures can have on an individual’s self esteem and self confidence, totally taking away the perception that cosmetic treatments are purely for vanity.

You’ve opened up your own clinic named Rejuvea – how did you go about establishing it alone?
The first thing I had to determine was the type of treatments I was going to major in. Having then successfully completed comprehensive training and specialising in skin rejuvenation, the business scope naturally came together.

What would you say the biggest difficulty has been for you – if any?
Working in an industry that is evolving daily can be challenging, as there is always a pressure to adopt the latest trends. My approach is to be a master of the key & essential treatments that offer the most benefits to my patients.

What is a career highlight for you? or a particular aspect that you love?
A career highlight for me is working with like minded professionals in and around Harley street, where I’m based when working in the city. I’m very passionate about helping patients understand & achieve their specific needs & receiving positive feedback has got to be the best part of my job

Any advice for someone who is starting out in nursing or aesthetics?
Seriously consider the areas you want to specialize in. Become confident & proficient & seek opportunities to network with colleagues in the industry.