STEPHANIE DOMINY – Owner of Legal Consultancy and Writer

Stephanie Dominy runs her own legal consultancy for small and medium sized companies, mainly in the tech sector.

Can you tell us a little about what you do and how you got into it?
I started my career as a corporate lawyer in the City. I decided I needed more autonomy and flexibility in my life and decided to launch my own business. I’m also a blogger known as The Wicked Jade. I write about lingerie, fierce fashion, sex, dating and being a fearless woman. I also speak at public events about diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

What are you passionate about?
Gender politics and using my writing and speaking skills to protect and support the civil liberties of marginalised groups, especially women and the LGBTQ community. Women of East Asian heritage have a paucity of visible role models. I am also a divorced, single mother. I’m determined to raise my boys to be feminist allies.

How do you deal with challenges – do you have any practical tips or advice?
Give yourself 15 minutes each day to be still. Meditation taught me to change my outlook on challenges.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
If you’re still discussing the issue after 3 emails, pick up the phone and talk.

Have you got an book or podcast recommendations you could share?/ Why do you like it/them?
Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine looks at the real science behind assumptions of gender variances. Bitch Doctrine by Laurie Penney will arm you with facts and arguments ready in a robust discussion for equality.


Why did you join the AllBright?


I wanted to be part of the growing movement to raise up female entrepreneurs, by making informal connections. Women behave differently in an all-women environment – they feel free to take bigger risks.