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I can't log into the Mayfair Club App
Please make sure you are using the email address you used to complete your application form. If you are unsure of this email address, please contact membership@allbright.co
I can't log into my AllBright Digital account
After signing up as a Mayfair Club member, you will still need to create an account for our Digital platform here
I want to freeze my membership
We offer a limited time that you can freeze your membership if you are traveling or on maternity/adoption leave. Please email: membership@allbright.co
I want to cancel a ticket for an event and a refund
We only offer refunds to tickets purchased 24 hours prior to the event. Please email mayfairreservations@allbright.co
I am a Club Member, and I can't buy a ticket to an event
I want to host an event with AllBright
Host an event form here
I want to refer a friend
Refer a friend form here
I want to make a reservation
Reservation form: here
I want to register a guest
Guest form: here
I want to make a complaint
Complaint form: here
I want to cancel my Club membership
Please use the form here